BRICS Africa Channel

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A multi-genre television channel on StarSat, channel 509.
A versatile broadcasting platform catering to a wide range of viewers’ interests and preferences.

BRICS Africa Channel “China TV Theatre” and
“New Vision, New Image” Chinese TV Screening in Africa
Launching Ceremony

Event Video

The event was live-streamed on YouTube on the day of the event and can be watched below.

Keynote Speech VIPs

Mr Hu Heping

Deputy Minister of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, and the Minister of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China

Mr Li Zhigang

Minister of the Chinese Embassy in South Africa

Ms Nomvula Mokonyane

Deputy Secretary-General of African National Congress

Ms Zhou Jihong

Delegate from the National Radio and Television Administration of China

Mr Ayanda Hollow

CEO of BRICS Africa Channel


Welcome Performance

Marimba performing “Shosholoza” and Chinese traditional music “Daisy flower”

Introduction of key-note speech guests and VIPs

Master of Ceremony, Peter Ndoro, Channel Anchor

Keynote speeches from the VIPs

(1) Minister Hu Heping
(2) DSG, Ms Nomvula Mokonyane
(3) Minister Li Zhigang
(4) Ms Zhou Jihong
(5) Mr Ayanda Hollow

Interactive dubbing performance

(1) Live Zulu dubbing performance of “Minning Town”
(2) Interviewing a South African actor/actress from the guests about the expectations or impressions of the TV series “Three-Body Problem”

Launching Ceremony

VIPs launch the channel together

BRICS Africa Channel Content

News on BRICS Africa Channel


Current affairs programming that goes beyond the headlines, providing in-depth analysis and compelling stories that impact the lives of citizens from the BRICS countries and the world at large.

Documentary on BRICS Africa Channel


Our documentaries offer an opportunity to explore
real-world issues, historical events, scientific
discoveries, and various aspects of society and
culture from a South African perspective.

Entertainment BRICS Africa Channel


Various shows including dramas, sitcoms,
reality TV, game shows, and a variety of programs that engage and entertain viewers while offering
an escape from everyday life.

Travel BRICS Africa Channel


Explore different destinations, cultures, and experiences from the comfort of your home. See beautiful landscapes, historical landmarks, local customs, and culinary delights.

Movies BRICS Africa Channel


Enjoy diverse cinematic experiences from both BRICS countries and beyond. From hilarious romantic comedies and inspirational dramas to frightful horrors and epic fantasy films.

Nature BRICS Africa Channel


Experience nature’s beauty. We showcase wildlife, explore ecosystems, and address environmental challenges, fostering a sense of responsibility and stewardship to protect our planet.

Kids BRICS Africa Channel


For the kids, we have specifically tailored shows for younger audiences, offering age-appropriate content that educates, entertains, and nurtures their development. We endeavour to stimulate imagination, encourage learning, and provide positive role models through animated series and educational shows.

Sports BRICS Africa Channel


Sports broadcasts feature live events, matches, tournaments, and analyses, providing viewers with the thrill of competition, team spirit, and the opportunity to follow their favourite athletes and teams. We highlight marginalised sports codes and promote sports where athletes with disabilities participate.


Entertainment for BRICS residents.

Overall, including all these genres on the channel ensures a diverse and engaging viewing experience for various audience demographics and interests. We will collaborate and exchange content with partners from all BRICS countries, thus ensuring that there’s something for every viewer, making our channel a go-to source of quality programming and a reliable companion for audiences of all ages.


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